• Reality 2.0: My MALS Journey

    The Matrix is a 1999 classic science fiction film whose main character’s consciousness is embedded in “the Matrix”, a virtual-reality world where the hero “Neo” is given the fateful choice between a blue pill or a red one.

    The red pill ultimately unveils the reality about his world. Spoiler alert...

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  • Admissions Essay

    Enhancing my creative thinking skills is a primary goal, and I believe that the UNCG Masters of Arts in Liberal Studies program will provide me with a heightened level of thinking, working, and living...

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  • MALS Coursework

    Click here to see coursework from six of my UNCG- MALS courses with extra videos, images, and links.

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About This Portfolio

For my final portfolio project, I've chosen to create an ePortfolio that provides an overview of my MALS experience and work at UNCG. Throughout the site, you'll notice visual concepts and images that came to mind as I read required texts and completed each course. You'll find each section in the menu above as well as the table of contents below. Enjoy the journey!

“Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one." ~Albert Einstein
Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Click here for the ePortfolio "site map" and table of contents. Each item can also be found by clicking on the menu above.

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Just for Fun

A custom word cloud that presents a visual representation of the text throughout this site. This format is useful for quickly perceiving the most prominent terms used.